Dental Instruments That Make Suturing Easier

Suturing materials and techniques have evolved over the years; however, the fundamentals of suturing have remained mostly the same. Suturing and its application in dental surgery may give pause to many dental practitioners as it requires proper technique and lot of practice to become comfortable with the challenges presented. The primary goal is to manipulate and stabilize the tissue to optimize wound healing and minimize complications. Anything short of reaching this goal may result in wound dehiscence at the edges or separation of tissues from the underlying bone, leading to complications such as unnecessary scarring, tissue or bone loss, or graft failure. For example, granulation tissue bridges the gap between wound edges and epithelializes over time, forming scar tissue.

One thing that can vastly improve the rate of success in suturing beyond material and technique is to have the proper tools and quality instrumentation to make your job easier.

Castro X Needle Holder

While every dentist trains with and uses a tradition Mayo-style Needle Holders (Fig. 1) with its finger rings and ratcheted locking style handle, more should also experience the Castro X Needle Holder (Fig. 2). While the Mayo Needle Holder is used for holding and manipulating heavy needles during suturing because of its wide jaws, the Castroviejo needle holder is designed for smaller applications. The Castroviejo needle holders and scissors were originally designed for ophthalmic surgery. The double-spring instrument tends to be the preference of most specialists and is ideal for holding small delicate needles used across all microsurgical applications.

The Castro X from TBS Dental is the most efficient microsurgical needle driver to grasp and guide the needle when suturing. The patent-pending X-twist hinge prevents suture snag commonly experienced with the Mayo-style hemostats. The slim, long design with shark handle makes it easier to reach far into interproximal areas. The straight, cross-serrated tungsten carbide tips securely hold any needles, preventing rotation and slippage in even the smallest of needle. Manufactured with German stainless steel and boasting a lifetime warranty. Finished in a stunning blue titanium for increased durability.

Mayo Needle Holder

Castro X Needle Holder

Other instruments that can certainly make suturing easier would include the addition of atraumatic tissue forceps that are specially designed to manipulate and hold tissue without perforation, or secure and hold other materials such as PRF, PRP and membrane during implant surgery. Tissue forceps should generally match your other instrumentation in length to allow for proper ergonomics since they are held in the non-dominant hand during suturing.

1×2 Adson Tissue Forceps 

Perry Tissue Forceps 

Dental surgeons should have sharp, dedicated surgical scissors for trimming tissue and suture. Again, fine scissors with short blades are originated in ophthalmic surgery and have equal application in dental surgery. Castroviejo scissors are small, fine, double-spring scissors designed to minimize trauma associated with periodontal and microsurgeries. They are commonly used for fine resections of soft tissue and the trimming of wound margins or mucosal grafts.

Castro X Scissors 

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