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Scalepel handle

Castro X


The number of actuations the TBS Dental Castro X 2.0 has withstood testing without single fault.

With Holes

This TBS Patented design allows for the compaction of bone grafting while using suction over the site. The holes allow the excess fluid to be removeed while saving valuable bone material


TBS periotomes have thin, tapered,serrated flexible blades that take the shape of the tooth to aid in atraumatic tooth extraction.

Mirror Handle

Triple function mirror handle with an endo file ruler on one side and implant ruler on the opposite end of the handle.

“TBS surgical instruments have changed how I approach dental procedures. Their relentless pursuit of perfection is evident in their instruments design and quality; they are a true joy to work with! Forged out of passion, TBS instruments are a luxurious product line that is synchronous with excellence and the best in class this industry has to offer”.

Dr. Neal Patel

Ohio, USA