Empower Surgical Kit (11 Pack)


Empower Surgical Instrument Kit features an innovative variety of instruments custom designed by Dr. Mona Patel and Dr. Kristine Aadland to simplify extraction and bone grafting procedures.

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Whether you are new to surgery or an experienced badass, efficiency and systematic procedural approaches promise a path to success. Dr. Mona Patel and Dr. Kristine Aadland collaborated with TBS Dental to create the Empower Kit consisting of their favorite essentials for extractions and bone grafting.

By taking this step and invigorating your daily procedures with a set of innovative and quality instruments, know that you are also playing a hand in empowering women in need. TBS Dental will donate a portion of its proceeds from every Empower surgical kit to a charity helping women establish new smiles.

Empower Surgical Kit includes one of each:

Castro X Needle Holder, Castro X Scissors, Straight Elvatome, PUSH Scalpel Handle, Adson Forceps, Small Serrated Curette, Bone Packer & Prichard Retractor, Explorer Probe, Perforated Molt 9, Mirror Handle with Ruler, Mini Bowl with Sterilizable Cassette.