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Showing all 5 results

Contemporary, State-of-the-art instruments with the intent of Modernization.

Our focus here at TBS dental is to create premium quality dental products to make dentistry more efficient. We strive to provide you with the best offers on dental instrument kits. We offer a comprehensive yet simple selection to make your dental practice more streamlined.
If you are starting a dental practice and building a new toolset or would like to upgrade your existing armamentarium, our number of dental surgery kits can help meet your needs. Our kits are crafted from 100% German stainless steel and backed by our lifetime warranty.

The Right Tools to Do The Right Job at The Right Time.

TBS Dental offers the most streamlined dental surgery kits designed with the dentist and staff’s needs in mind. All kits allow dental professionals to store, manage and sterilize their surgical instruments conveniently and effectively. The comprehensive dental instrument kits hold all essential and unique instruments intended for specific dental procedures, providing a less time-consuming and more efficient experience. Our offerings include:

3D Surgical Kit (21 Pack)

The 3D Surgical Kit has been custom designed by Dr. Tarun Agarwal for general dentists to simplify surgical procedures. Each instrument is customized to cover 90% of typical surgical procedures in a general dental practice. The kit has all the right instruments to grow with your surgical practice over time.

Empower Surgical Kit (11 Pack)

Empower Surgical Instrument Kit features an innovative variety of instruments custom-designed by Dr. Mona Patel and Dr. Kristine Aadland to simplify extraction and bone grafting procedures.

BTG Basic Extraction Kit (10 Pack)

Dr. Jason Auerbach, aka Bloody Tooth Guy, custom-designed this BTG Basic Extraction Kit with ten innovative surgical instruments for dentists to simplify extractions, mainly third molar extractions. Each instrument has been thoughtfully selected to outfit you with the right tools to elevate your inner surgeon.

Elvatome® Kit (5 Pack)

Elvatome is a revolutionary hybrid of an elevator and periotome. It combines the sharpness and precision of a periotome with the strength of a luxating elevator. The spade-shaped tips feature a fine, sharp point ideal for entering tight spaces and cutting the periodontal ligament.

Periotome Kit (5 Pack)

TBS periotomes have thin, tapered, and serrated flexible blades that take the shape of the tooth to aid in atraumatic tooth extraction. Periotome Kit has all four styles, including a straight, angled, reversed, and concave for any extraction, and comes with an award-winning serrated curette in a sterilizable cassette.

Elevate Your Dental Practice With TBS.

At TBS Dental, we take pride in all instruments we manufacture. Our goal is to create premium products to make dentistry more efficient by bringing innovation and quality to the table each and every time. All TBS products are backed by our lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.