Who We Are

TBS Dental first opened its doors in 1992 as a manufacturer of Dental Instruments.

The company strived to create fine quality products and provide dentists around the world with their traditional, everyday dental supplies. However, when current CEO Haseeb Sajid and President Hassan Malik took over the reins of their family business, they brought a fresh and revolutionary mindset to the business model.

The team of brothers grew up watching Shark Tank, which planted an unshakable desire to innovate and create something the world had never seen. After studying the fundamentals of business during their college years in New York City, the dynamic duo followed their father’s footsteps and chose to immerse themselves in the groundwork of dentistry and dental instrumentation. As they dove into studying the clinical use of instruments, they began to question the why’s and how’s.

Our Founders

Haseeb Sajid, CEO & Co-Founder

Hassan Malik, President & Co-Founder

Decades has passed

but the field of dental instrumentation continued to lack innovation and design.

Haseeb and Hassan dedicated their years to rigorous research and development before inventing a simple yet brilliant solution for dentists: the U.S. patented FRINGS, or forceps with spring.

Over the years, TBS has designed and devised a number of contemporary, state-of-the-art instruments with the intent of modernization. The brothers have dually transformed TBS into a powerhouse of innovation and excellence with one goal in mind: MAKE DENTISTRY AS EFFICIENT AS POSSIBLE.

From knocking on doors
in the city of New York

To evolving into a high-powered dental instruments hub, TBS Dental today has over 250 employees across its operations. They have expanded their reach internationally, garnering unimaginable KOL’s and a loyal clientele across the globe. TBS has paved its path to becoming the fastest growing startup in dental instrumentation and hopes to continue flourishing in the dental world while creating groundbreaking and timeless dental products.

TBS Dental started with CEO Haseeb Sajid

going door-to-door with instruments.

Haseeb took no delay in implementing the new business model into TBS Dental’s playbook. Since 2019, TBS Dental has been sold exclusively through Patterson Dental, and we look forward to a continuing strong relationship with this elite distributor.

Fast forward two years, and Haseeb would learn the power of distribution when he joined a Utah TR on a blitz, and sold a record number of instruments in a short period of time.

What our Client say

“The elvatome® is my go-to instrument for atraumatic removal of teeth, especially those in the anterior esthetic zone and ankylosed teeth. I have the straight spade elvatome® on every one of my surgical trays. I call them my ‘Turbo Periotomes.’”

Dr Jay Reznick
California, USA

“FRINGS truly are revolutionary in their simplicity and efficiency. The sleek design, lightweight feel, and incredible array associated with their grip and, of course, the “kick-back” action have made them one of the most beloved instruments at White Clinic.”

Dr. Miguel Stanley
Lisbon, Portugal

“Using TBS instruments has greatly improved my precision & efficiency while performing dental procedures and significantly improved ergonomics. TBS instruments in my hand simply help make me a better dentist!”

Dr. Mona Patel
Wisconsin, USA

“After years of frustration trying to simplify my surgical instrument setup, I finally found a quality instrument company to customize a setup that simply works.”

Dr. Tarun Agarwal
Raleigh, USA

“TBS surgical instruments have changed how I approach dental procedures. Their relentless pursuit of perfection is evident in their instruments’ design and quality; they are a true joy to work with! Forged out of passion, TBS instruments are a luxurious product line that is synchronous with excellence and the best in class this industry has to offer.”

Dr. Neal Patel
Ohio, USA

“FRINGS provide an optimal grip around the tooth and root, without the need of applying any force, which results in better ease of controlling smooth movements to dislocate the desired root/tooth. It’s unbelievable until you’ll give it a try!”

Dr. Achraf Souayah
Tunis, Tunisia

“My experience with TBS Instruments has been outstanding. The design, the aesthetics, and the feel made them an easy product to invest in. I was thoroughly impressed with the packaging, the instructions for care, and the customer service. It is an easy recommendation to make because I know that TBS will more than exceed anyone’s expectations.”

Dr. Steve Deisz
North Dakota, USA

“TBS’ quality and craftsmanship are unsurpassed. FRINGS are a game changer! Once you pick them up, you won’t want to put them down. I highly recommend TBS products and continue to use them in my practice daily.”

Dr. Isaac Tawil
New York, USA

“The extremely innovative and unique line of TBS instruments are a huge evolutionary enhancement that all dentists should appreciate and that I highly recommend.”

Dr. Scott Ganz
New Jersey, USA

“Elvatome’s marvelous design can be used as minimally invasive periotome or as a powerful elevator! No tooth, root or partial root will be a challenge to extract anymore!”

Dr. Irfan Abas
Amsterdam, Netherlands

“TBS instruments have unparalleled quality and craftsmanship. The FRINGS forceps ar truly a game-changer in surgical instrumentation. They have beautiful designs and excellent ergonomics. These are my go-to instruments for any surgical procedure!”

Dr. Jason Ford
Kentucky, USA

“TBS is a leader in extremely innovative designs for conventional surgical instruments that make surgery more pleasurable and efficient.”

Dr. Ehab Moussa
Kentucky, USA

“I have been using TBS instruments for more than 4 years, and they are hands down the best instruments I have used in my life. The craftsmanship is unparalleled, and the customer service is unlike any I have had in the past. If there is a concern or question, TBS is there for me night or day.”

Dr. Dale McNutt
Oregon, USA