Surgical Setup

“After years of frustration with trying to simplify my surgical instrument setup, I finally found a quality instrument company to customize a surgical instrument setup that simply works.”

Dr. Tarun Agarwal (T-Bone)

Raleigh, USA

& Bone Graft Setup

“Using TBS instruments has significantly improved my precision, efficiency and ergomonics while performing dental procedures. TBS instruments in my hand simply help make me a better dentist!”

Dr. Mona Patel

Wisconsin, USA

Basic Setup

“From the moment anyone started paying attention to @bloodytoothguy, there have been surgeons, dentists, and dental students from around the world asking for details about the instrumentation I was using. Over the years, it became clear to me that to develop a line of surgical instruments worthy of my endorsement, I would have to find a partner who is as focused on every detail as I am. After years in the making, TBS Dental is a partner period.
I am finally confident that the instruments that bare my name will yield the results that I expect in my practice to enhance our patient care.”

Dr. Jason Auerbach (BloodyToothGuy)

New Jersey, USA