Resiliently Sharp


rezSHARP instruments use a cryogenically treated aerospace grade stainless steel sourced from Italy, treated in the US.


The Patent-pending TWIST handle has a knurling pattern that ensures a
secure grip without causing discomfort, numbing, or cumulative pain. Unlike instruments with deep knurling or retention spikes that can be intrusive, the TWIST handle strikes
the perfect balance between retention and comfort, making it ideal for long procedures.

By Science

This study was conducted by an industry-leading authority over a period of 18 months. The independent lab, Cutlery and Allied Trades Research Association
(CATRA), is a renowned organization specializing in blade testing and cutting technology.

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Through July 31, 2025, TBS will donate 2% of the purchase price of
rezSHARP scalers and curettes to the Wounded Warrior Project with a
minimum donation of $250,000