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Protect The Tissue. Preserve The Bone. Enhance Patient Experience.

Elvatomes combine the sharpness and precision of a periotome with the strength of a luxating elevator. The spade-shaped tips feature a fine, sharp point ideal for entering tight spaces and cutting the periodontal ligament. Once inserted, push and twist/luxate to incise the fibers. In many cases, the root can be loosened sufficiently for significantly easier atraumatic extractions.
Each Elvatome is crafted from a single rod of 100% German steel to provide optimal strength and longevity, with multiple angles to access the entire mouth.

The Unique Design Of An Elvatome Delivers Unsurpassed Agility For Proximal Elevation.

The sharp spade tips wedge into the periodontal ligament space between the alveolar bone and tooth. The wedging effect provides ideal apical forces along the root access, creating mobility. With a slight amount of luxation, the tooth becomes dislodged from the alveolar housing and is able to be delivered with ease using forceps.
Five specifically designed elvatomes with variations in tips and angulations are available for all the different morphology dental extractions would incorporate. Whether extracting full-formed roots or sectioning multiple roots, elvatomes provide superior ergonomics, comfort, and delivery, enhancing the operator experience to provide the ultimate control in minimally traumatic extractions.

Benefits Of Using a Luxating Elevator For Atraumatic Extractions

A luxating elevator is a sharp instrument with a thinner tip in comparison to a more traditional elevator. TBS luxating elevators are the most ergonomic elevators, with our proprietary diamond-dusted handle providing maximum comfort and grip during a surgical procedure.
Luxating elevators maintain bone integrity and make the dental extraction procedure less traumatic to enhance the patient experience. The fine, sharp tips compress the alveolar bone, incise the membrane, and gently remove the tooth from the socket. TBS’ luxating elevators are crafted from 100% German Stainless Steel, providing exceptional results. The new Bloody Tooth Guy handle is designed following years of scientific research with our patent-pending diamond-dusted handle to provide maximum comfort and enhanced performance. TBS elevators are titanium-nitride coated and undergo our special proprietary heat treatment to improve longevity and provide excellent stability and torque resistance in the working ends.

When to Use Luxating Elevators?

  • Early steps of tooth extraction, such as for the reflection of Gingiva or mucoperiosteal membrane around the tooth for extraction.
  • To cut the ligaments in the periodontal space and periodontal fibers and produces lateral expansion of the alveolar bone. This lessens the potential damage during the dental surgery process.
  • To displace the tooth and expand the bony socket
  • Removal and luxation of fractures and cavities under the gums

Elevate Your Dental Practice With TBS.

At TBS Dental, we take pride in all instruments we manufacture. Our goal is to create premium products to make dentistry more efficient by bringing innovation and quality to the table each and every time. All TBS products are backed by our lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.