At TBS Dental, we stand by the exceptional quality of our products. That’s why all our instruments come with a comprehensive warranty to ensure your peace of mind.

Lifetime Warranty

All TBS surgical instruments are backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturing and material defects. If a product is found to be defective, we will repair or replace the instrument at our expense, so you can continue to provide top-tier care to your patients.

Normal Wear and Tear Exclusion

It’s important to note that products experiencing normal wear and tear from ordinary use are not considered defective. We understand that proper handling and care are crucial for optimal instrument performance. Failure to provide adequate care may lead to a decline in instrument upkeep and void this warranty.

rezSHARP Warranty

Our innovative rezSHARP curettes and scalers are covered by a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. This does not include wear and tear on the blades or mishandling of the instruments.

Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance tasks such as sharpening and repairing minor tip damage are considered standard upkeep and are not covered under TBS Dental’s warranty. We recommend regular maintenance to keep your instruments in prime condition for years of reliable service.

Limitations on Warranty

TBS denies liability for the replacement of any product that has been misused, tampered with, modified, re-tipped or refitted in any manner or is beyond its expected life.
TBS denies liability under any applicable warranty or otherwise, for damages arising from the following:

  • Use of commercial/residential grade washers
  • Use of dental automated washer-disinfectors where manufacturer’s processing guidelines are not followed
  • Use of cleaning solution, chemicals and/or procedures that are contrary to our recommendations.

For instructions on how to properly maintain and care for your instruments, please click here.

At TBS Dental, your satisfaction and the longevity of your instruments are our top priorities. We’re here to support you every step of the way.