10 Rongeur FRINGS, Upper Universal


  • End-cutting dental bone rongeurs used for trimming and re-contouring alveolar bone and gross tissue removal.
  • Designed for upper universal use.
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Rongeur Frings are heavy-duty equipments for oral surgery used to cut, remove, or trim a particular part of a bone.

Rongeurs from TBS Dental comes with an auto-retractable technology that involves implementing a spring mechanism in the instruments. It makes them easy to control without putting exertion on the hands. The perfectly shaped sharp blades facilitate precise cutting of the bone with minimum effort.

Our Frings are designed for upper universal usage. They come with a finishing that aids proper sterilization, and the satin blue color adds a unique aesthetic.

Features That Make Our Rongeurs Unique

Ergonomic Handle

The lightweight handle of the tool ease-up the pressure from your hands. Dental surgeries are completed with convenience saving extra physical efforts.

Stainless Steel Craft

Our rongeurs are built from 100% German Stainless Steel, which makes them ultra-durable for everyday usage. The products’ lifetime warranty got you covered in case of any problem.

Proper Sterilization

TBS Dental’s Rongeurs has a titanium finishing to ensure proper sterilization. So, the risk of cross-contamination between the patients is minimized.

Sharp Blades

The high tempered beaks of these instruments are extra sharp for efficient cutting of the bone. So, it is easy to make a cut without applying extra force.

Auto-Retractable Design

With an auto-retractable spring design, you do not need to put time and effort into opening the Frings again and again. Dental experts avoid maintaining an uncomfortable grip on the tool throughout the extraction.