Crown Removing FRINGS


  • Gentle on ceramic and resin veneered surfaces/crowns; includes 20 pads.
  • Designed for the solid gripping and removal of cast crowns, with new long and improved beaks.
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Forceps, one of the most vital instruments used in dentistry, hadn’t been upgraded in the last 170 years until TBS explored the idea of streamlining them with an effortless spring. TBS introduced a straightforward yet pivotal concept – forceps with spring or FRINGS – an idea that has broken dentistry out of its conventional mold forever.

FRINGS feature a brand new patented spring-driven “auto-retractable” design that entirely replaces the need to open forceps with your fingers while maintaining an uncomfortable grip through extraction.

FRINGS are designed for optimal crown/root engagement and a secure procurement with less grip strength, having earned the “Top Oral Surgery Instrument” award for three years in a row.

Crown Removing FRINGS come with the following revolutionary features:

  1. Padded beaks minimize crown fracture.
  2. Revolutionary, patented auto-retractable technology that entirely eliminates the need to use fingers to open forceps. This facilitates better control and less exertion and tension on the hands.
  3. Laser etched with teeth numbers to assist staff in easily classifying them for respective procedures.
  4. Ergonomic lightweight handle allow more comfort and convenience in the dentist’s hands for everyday use.
  5. Exclusive, trademarked two-tone blue satin and titanium finish aids in efficient sterilization and highlights the aesthetics of the FRINGS.
  6. Crafted with 100% German Stainless Steel to improve the longevity and are backed with our lifetime warranty.