A Guide to Dental Implant Surgical Kit

implant surgery kits

Are you deciding on starting a dental office? You may have completed your training, certifications, and courses learning how surgeries are performed using an implant surgical kit and other advanced tools.

What is the next thing now?

You will need the setup with an implant surgery kit and other basic instruments required to perform the dental operations. The tooth placement procedures along with the different tools and technologies associated with it are the need of every modern dentistry facility. Equipment like dental forceps, rongeurs, and more are helpful in achieving the best possible outcomes and improving the practice’s efficiency. 

So, in this write-up, we will talk about our best implant surgical kits to assure secure patient health and efficient execution of implant surgeries.

Implant Surgical Kit Offered by TBS Dental

The implant surgical kit by TBS Dental can be the best choice for your new dental surgery facility setup. All the tools in this kit are customized by specialized professionals and made from quality materials. Thus, assuring safe and simple surgical treatments and practice’s growth with time.

The tools it comprises are:

Dental Retractor

The retracting instruments are essential to perform safe implant surgery. Dental professionals use it to assure the cheeks and teeth are quite away from the mouth area that needs treatment. Its paddle ends separate and retracts the underlying bone tooth. Thus, the patients are safe from any harm to their dental health. Besides, there are also retractors available with big paddles. It comes into use when there is the need to pull out the flaps without damaging the tissues. 

Dental Elevator

Another instrument required for performing implant surgery is the dental elevator. It assists in executing the gingival reflection or loosening the periodontal ligaments for safe tooth extraction. Its comfortable handles have the required grip to execute the implant procedure efficiently. Moreover, its robust design puts less pressure exertion on the professional’s hands. The best part is it is made from high-quality stainless steel that ensures longevity. 

Serrated Surgical Curettes

The serrated curettes look elegant and are easy to use. Its patented and well-shaped handles assure efficient and safe implant surgeries. Dentists need it to remove the calculus deposits, socket debridement, and granular tissues from the surface of teeth. You can use it to get rid of tartar in both supragingival and subgingival ways. Not only does it assures a safe implant. It also delivers a positive experience to the surgeons. Additionally, such tools are efficient, durable, and robust. 

Periodontal Probe

Periodontal Probe

It is a very essential implant surgical tool used to determine any possibilities of cavity or periodontal concerns. Another major mouth issue it helps to measure is the tissue depth and gap between implants and the abutments. Probes comprise single and double ends. One acts as a probe and the other fulfills the functioning of an explorer. 

In addition, the kit comprises multiple other tools like Castro X Needle Holder, Straight Elvatome, Scalpel Handle, Surgery Bowl with Sterilizable Cassette, and Mirror Handle with Ruler.


TBS Dental provides modern tools and implant surgery kits to help practitioners and surgeons assure patients of the best oral health care. The streamlined kits comprise all the basic and advanced tools that fit all your practice requirements. Also, it necessitates less time and delivers the best experience possible to the professionals. The best part is all the tools in the kit enable the surgeons to conveniently store, sterilize, and handle the surgical instruments.