FRINGS forceps and the surgical instruments from TBS have changed the way I approach dental procedures. Their relentless pursuit of perfection is evident in the design and quality of their instruments and they are a true joy to work with! Forged out of passion, TBS instruments are a luxurious product line that is synchronous with excellence and the best in class this industry has to offer.

– Dr. Neal Patel
Ohio, USA

TBS quality and craftsmanship is unsurpassed. FRINGS are a game changer! Once you pick them up you won’t want to put them down. I highly recommend TBS products and continue to use them in my practice daily.

– Dr. Isaac Tawil
New York, USA

FRINGS truly are revolutionary in their simplicity and efficiency. The sleek design, lightweight feel and incredible array associated to their grip and of course the “kick-back” action, have made them one of the most beloved instruments at White Clinic.

– Dr. Miguel Stanley

Lisbon, Portugal

After years of frustration of trying to simplify my surgical instrument setup, I finally found a quality instrument company to customize a surgical instrument setup that simply works.

– Dr. Tarun Agrarwal (T-Bone)

Raleigh, USA

Using TBS instruments has greatly improved my precision & efficiency while performing dental procedures, while also creating less strain on my hands. The FRINGS forceps are my staple for any extraction, I see notable results with less socket trauma and quicker healing time. Also, the craftsmanship and quality of each Instrument allows for long term durability. TBS instruments in my hand simply help make me a better dentist!

– Dr. Mona Patel

Wisconsin, USA

The extremely innovative and unique line of TBS instruments are a huge evolutionary enhancement that all dentists should appreciate and that I highly recommend.

– Dr. Scott Ganz
New Jersey, USA

FRINGS forceps is one product I particularly have come to like the past year. Since my job requires lots of extractions every day, the FRINGS forceps have made this job easier, because of a never seen before auto retractable technology, they give far less stress on my hands during extractions.

– Dr. Irfan Abas
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Oral surgery is an art: the patient is the canvas, technology provides the medium, and instruments are our brush.  I firmly believe we must use quality products to deliver quality dentistry, which is why I choose TBS instruments.  World-class quality, family business, and modern design all make TBS a perfect fit for my practice.

– Dr. John Pasicznyk

 Indianapolis, USA

FRINGS provide an optimal grip around the tooth and root, without the need of applying any force, which results in better ease of controlling smooth movements to dislocate the desired root/tooth. It’s unbelievable until you’ll give it a try!

– Dr. Achraf Souayah
Tunis, Tunisia

The gold surgical kit has saved my team and I time and has been an integral part of our surgeries. Instead of opening various instruments, we now open one cassette, and we have all of our instrumentation.

– Dr. David Peck
Connecticut, USA

I’ve been using FRINGS for 3 years now. They are by far the best forceps I own. The feel of the instruments in my hands is so natural with exceptional ergonomics. Most importantly, the aggressive grip to the root surface of the tooth is superb which makes the extraction seamless.

– Dr. Rafik Dib
Florida, USA

My experience with TBS Instruments has been outstanding. The design, the aesthetics, and the feel made them an easy product to invest in. I was thoroughly impressed with the packaging, the instructions for care, and the customer service as well. Most importantly, the serration on the curettes and the tips of the forceps work so well, it makes oral surgery so much easier. I love getting products that look so appealing and more than live up to my expectations clinically. I have and will continue to recommend the whole line up to any and all of my colleagues looking to bring their surgical instrumentation to the next level. It is an easy recommendation to make because I know that TBS will more than exceed anyone’s expectations.

– Dr. Steve Deisz
North Dakota, USA

I have been using TBS instruments for almost a year now and they are hands down the best instruments I have used in my life. The craftsmanship is unparalleled and the customer service unlike any I have had in the past. If there is ever a concern or question, TBS is there for me night or day. They truly make their clients feel valued. From grafting to extraction to implant placement, my TBS instruments are my go to products. I simply do not use any other instruments. They can handle tough extractions while having the finesse needed for delicate tissues.
Truly resilient products that have helped me improve my skills and confidence, I
recommend them to all my colleagues.

– Dr. Dale McNutt
Oregon, USA

The presence of this simple spring, takes extraction forceps to a different dimension. This has changed my everyday life. So now, with FRINGS® I can do my extractions in a very nice, simple and pleasant mode.

– Dr. Mitsias Miltiadis
Athens, Greece