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Showing 1–9 of 22 results

FRINGS forceps feature a revolutionary patented spring-driven “auto-retractable” design that entirely replaces the need to open extraction forceps with your fingers while maintaining an uncomfortable grip through extraction. All FRINGS feature tapered, serrated, and beveled beaks for an optimal grip on the tooth to minimize tooth fracture. FRINGS has been consistently awarded the “Top Oral Surgery Instrument” for four years in a row.
No other company boasts our revolutionary features in FRINGS extraction forceps:

  • Anatomical, Tapered, Serrated, and Beveled Beaks
  • Internal Spring-Loaded Hinge
  • Laser Etched Teeth Numbers
  • Lightweight, Ergonomic Handle
  • Two-Tone Finish
  • Lifetime Warranty

FRINGS Forceps Collection Consists of:

  • 150 FRINGS – Upper Universal
  • 151 Tawil FRINGS – Lower Universal
  • Modified 23, Patel FRINGS – Lower Third Molars
  • Ganz FRINGS – Micro Roots, Universal
  • 23 Cowhorn FRINGS – Lower Third Molars
  • 45 Roots FRINGS – Lower Bicuspids and Roots
  • 51 Roots FRINGS – Upper Bicuspids and Roots
  • 67 FRINGS – Upper Molars
  • 79 FRINGS – Lower Molars
  • Standard FRINGS – Anteriors
  • Apical FRINGS – Upper Canines & Premolars
  • Beveled Ash FRINGS – Lower Anteriors
  • 90 Rongeur FRINGS – Lower Universal
  • 10 Rongeur FRINGS® – Upper Universal
  • 150 Pedo FRINGS – Upper Universal
  • 151 Pedo FRINGS – Lower Universal
  • 1 Standard Pedo FRINGS – Anteriors
  • 23 Cowhorn Pedo FRINGS – Lower Molars
  • Ash Pedo FRINGS – Lower Universal

Preserve the bone. Protect the tissue. Enhance patient experience.

FRINGS offer a more controlled atraumatic extraction through the improved apical grip and the use of tapered, beveled, and serrated beaks. The auto-retractable handle frees the index finger, which can now be placed on the hinge of the extracting forceps to apply apical pressure during subgingival seating and luxation.

Elevate Your Dental Practice With TBS.

At TBS Dental, we take pride in all instruments we manufacture. Our goal is to create premium products to make dentistry more efficient by bringing innovation and quality to the table each and every time. All TBS products are backed by our lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.